They say your journey begins with the first step…

While I believe this is a true statement, I also believe that sometimes that first step only happens because someone gives you a shove.  Last year my journey began because someone opened the door, shoved me out and quickly closed the door behind me.  No turning back.  This was not the way I planned my life.  And, while I would have preferred to take that first step on my own, it has been one of the most exhilarating journeys I’ve ever begun.

I’ve have owned my business for almost 16 years, but I only “played” at having a business the first 14 of those years.  Shortly after I began, I went to work full time in a multi-million dollar industry.  I reaped the rewards of having a 401k, a pension plan and health benefits.  I made friends for life and felt quite comfortable working for a big corporation.  But times change, industries change and people you’ve known for years are no longer your coworkers.  Being shown the door and then pushed through it has brought a new set of experiences and almost all of them are positive.

At first being laid off meant that I couldn’t take deep breaths, I had nightmares almost every night, I saw all those years of dedication thrown aside and wondered exactly what happened to job security, loyalty and workplace family.  But now it means the freedom to work when I want to work, to work with the people I choose to work with and most importantly, to succeed beyond my wildest expectations.  I am no longer limited by job titles and job restrictions, I am my own boss and I set the rules and the goals.  And now, when I have the chance to see my previous workplace family, I tell them it is one of the most freeing experiences of all times.  I sometimes wonder what took me so long.

Having Drummond PR means that each day brings with it something new to learn, someone new to meet, somewhere new to visit and somehow that first step seems like a lifetime ago.


8 thoughts on “They say your journey begins with the first step…”

  1. Right on! Everythingn you stated here is everything I have been expounding to my friends who don’t understand why I am not freaking out. I stress the ” freedom ” aspect of the whole enchilada and they still think I am off my medication and will come around soon.
    Keep it up family member!

  2. WOW! Well said! Some people get stuck in places which we weren’t meant to be. It takes time to recognize, but when we do, LOOK OUT!

    Linda, YOU WILL SUCCEED BEYOND YOUR WILDEST EXPECTATIONS! You know it, I know it, and now the world knows it! WOW!!

  3. Good for you Linda. There is nothing more liberating than taking control of your own destiny.
    I agree with Doug “YOU WILL SUCCEED”

    Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.

    Stay in touch

  4. Isn’t it wonderful when you nudge yourself out of the safety net of “playing” at business and plunge into the sometimes scary place of actively doing?

    Cheryl is right…I’ve had many “angels” along the way…people who come into my world and help me with the next step, in immeasurable ways.

    And, you, dear Linda, are one of them! Thank you again for recommending me to BIRTH Houston, a wonderful family-support organization. It was a great opportunity to have a vendor booth at their annual health fair last Saturday!!

  5. I had the same experience when I started my first business. Like you I had panic attacks and many self doubts. But not having a choice has a way of forcing you to step up to the plate and find out who you really are! Congratulations and keep growing and loving what you do so well!

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